On Commenting

Dear loyal blog Readers (or those who are stumbling onto this for the first time):

The main reason I write this blog is as a means of ‘talking’ and sharing information with people, especially anyone interested in nonprofits, leadership, advocacy, organizing and social justice. I hope that this blog passes on interesting information and also generates conversation and discussion.

My blog entries center around my own interests, thoughts and opinions (and no one else’s) on the wide world of nonprofits. I make it public and accessible in the hopes that you will feel comfortable in adding your own comments, thoughts, and suggestions on what I write.

All comments are welcome! It maybe as simple as a short ‘I agree’ or it may be a longer comment disagreeing with what I have to say. Though it’s sometimes hard for me (just like everyone else) to hear criticism, I still invite you to say anything you would like, as long as the tone is kept civil. Let me repeat: please keep your comments civil. If they are not and they degrade a discussion instead of improving it, I reserve the right to delete them.

I really do appreciate any feedback and comments, so please keep ’em coming!


To make this process even easier, here is a short primer on commenting:

When you see a post you’d like to comment on, simply scroll down to the end of it and start typing in the open box. Provide your name and email address (which are required, though your email will not be published); you do not have to have a Disqus account to comment. Once you are happy with what you have written, click ‘post as [guest OR Your name]’. You should see your comment show up within a few seconds on the commenting page.

You can also email me directly if you have further questions and I will respond.

Note: Thank you to Michele Martin, who advised writing a post of this nature, and to Sarah Stewart, from whom I borrowed some of the content and structure of this post.