Attitude (is everything): A Review of February

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Though its only been a couple of weeks, (since my January review was a little late) it’s time for my monthly review. This is the second in my year-long series exploring my professional and personal accomplishments each month in order to be more intentional and thoughtful throughout the year. Hat tip to Rosetta Thurman for the monthly review idea and template – seriously, if you haven’t checked out her amazing blog, workbooks and tools, you are missing out.

Valentine's Day flowers from my wonderful husband.

Valentine’s Day flowers from my wonderful husband.

February’s review

Here are a few key things that happened this month:

  • I attended and spoke at a conference held in Kansas City (for my full-time job). For a variety of reasons, my attitude toward this conference was really negative right from the beginning. While I didn’t particularly enjoy myself for most of it, I did think the session I led went very well and it was fun to train people (as usual). I also got to interview several people on camera for a video series we’re doing at work and that was really interesting.
  • After I got back from Kansas City, I got very, very sick. In fact, I didn’t really leave the house for five full days because I was so out of it. As a result, I’m still pretty behind at work and in my business since I couldn’t get much done that week.
  • Had a lovely “stay-cation” with Dan. It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago and we rented a hotel in DC, ate Ben’s Chili Bowl (it was Dan’s first time) and went to the Air and Space Museum. We rarely get to enjoy the more tourist-y aspects of our city and it was great to walk around, appreciate the beauty of DC and just hang out.
  • My sister came down for the weekend. Though we didn’t do too much beyond going out to dinner, it was nice to hang out with her and her puppy dog Sweet Pea.

    My sister's adorable dog Sweet Pea.

    My sister’s adorable dog Sweet Pea.

While I can’t say that was a milestone in the true sense of the term, if I had to identify one pivotal personal thing that happened in February it would be our little mini-vacation in DC. We tend to be pretty constant in terms of the places we go and the people we hang out with so getting away – even if only a couple of miles – was a step forward and in line with my goals for this year. I also moved forward with some crucial business milestones including starting the process of getting a new header designed for my website and implementing a more formal editorial calendar for the blog.

The most valuable lesson I learned this month was that you get out what you put in to every experience. I brought negativity to the conference in Kansas City and ended up exhausted and sick at the end. I brought optimism to my weekends with Dan and my sister Amy and had a great time, even when things didn’t go the way I planned.

Next Month

In March I want to stay focused. We have two major work events coming up which will make it very difficult for me to keep my eye on my goal of maintaining peace of mind as much as possible. I want to bring a positive attitude to my work and home lives. It’s going to be busy and stressful, but I’m looking forward to it!

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