Getting focused in 2012

Jan 10, 2012 by

I don’t usually make resolutions when the year turns, but I was inspired by Akhila at Journeys Toward Justice to identify some themes for the year; basically some big ideas that I can focus on when things get busy (or boring):

  • Let goAs much as I preach to the contrary, even I have trouble letting things go sometimes. I know the excuses: it used to work, I loved it once, it might be useful again someday, blah, blah, blah. Whether its a thing, an idea, a job or even people dragging me down, sometimes I just have to give up and let go. Try to think of it as saying yes, as in: imagine all things I can say yes to if I say no.
  • Open up – To new opportunities, new ideas and new people. This is directly related to letting go, but it means more – it means actively seeking things, ideas and people and that are good for me. When I put myself out there, good things will come my way.
  • Once a goal is achieved, the work isn’t done – Once the work is done, different work often comes to take its place. That has certainly been true of hosting my own blog, establishing my side hustle and losing weight/getting healthy. But that’s OK. If a goal is worth achieving, its worth continuing the work on it.
  • Shit or get off the pot – Its time for me to make some decisions that I’ve been putting off for years because they are difficult. To wit: should I go to grad school? Should we buy a house? etc. Whether or not I actually do either of those things this year, its time to make a decision, make a plan and get on it with it.

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  • kate currin

    love it! good luck!

  • Great – love the post and I like the idea of thinking in big picture about the broader themes for this coming year. Best of luck and I hope you achieve all your goals!

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