Linking things up – November edition

Nov 30, 2011 by

Every couple of months, I like to pull together a list of some of the best blog posts, opinion pieces and otherwise cool stuff I find on the interwebs and share it with you. Here’s November’s edition, enjoy!

  • The Importance of Managing Your Professional Development from Entry Level Living – Allison Jones has hit the nail on the head again. In this insightful post, she talks about how organizations – corporate and nonprofit – have been cutting back on professional development money/opportunities, leaving job seekers hanging in the wind. But have no fear! There are things you can do to build your own professional development even if your employer won’t. Check it out.
  • Invisible People Don’t Get Seen from – I can’t agree with Rosetta more on this post. You know that 99% everyone’s talking about these days? Well in my career coaching work, I often refer to the 99% as those that are invisible and will be lucky to get anywhere in their careers. You must be part of the 1% that actually gets seen and Rosetta can offer you some tips on how to do it.
  • Lessons from Boot Camp from – I’m happy to know that I’m not the only blogger that can take a lesson from sports. In this excellent post, Sam lays out what at learned at a workout boot camp and how those lessons apply to leadership, career and life. These are lessons we all need to learn.
  • Free Non-profit Webinars for December 2011 from Wild Apricot – Every month, Wild Apricot shares a great list of free webinars happening all over the nonprofit sector on topics including fundraising, hosting effective webinars, writing grant reports and more. Here’s your opportunity to take Allison up on her suggestion to get your own (free) professional development.

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