Linking things up – September edition

Sep 13, 2011 by

Every couple of months, I like to pull together a list of some of the best blog posts, opinion pieces and otherwise cool stuff I find on the interwebs and share it with you. Here’s September’s edition: Enjoy!

  • The New Abnormal from the Stanford Social Innovation ReviewThis excellent, passionate post by David La Piana explores the increasingly grim outlook for nonprofits and the people they serve. To whit: “Nonprofits are caught in this downward spiral of ideological extremism and cynical self-interest. The people they serve need more help than ever, but society provides less and less support to meet those needs.” It may not be pretty, but its so very important that each of us understand the bigger societal issues at play right now.
  • A Twist on Guy Kawasaki’s Advice: How to be an Enchanting Employee from A Journeyful LifeThis great post by Nikita Mitchell offers 10 quick tips on how to be a great employee in an easy-to-digest format. By the way, if you haven’t yet subscribed to Nikita’s blog, you should go do that. Now.
  • 6 Tips for Acing a Phone Interview from the Blog – I like this blog because they provide a lot of very practical career advice. This post is no different. Phone interviews can be awkward and difficult and these tips are really helpful to help get you through them.
  • The 3 Worst “Best” Tools for Moving the Nonprofit Sector Forward from Know Your Own Bone – As usual, Colleen Dilenschneider has put together a great – and wonderfully snarky! – post that all nonprofiteers can learn from.
  • Don’t Let Conventional Measurement Wisdom Fragment Your Impact from the Stanford Social Innovation Review – The SSIR always has great articles and think pieces (which is why I featured them twice in this edition of “Linking Things Up”) and this one is no exception. In this piece, Matthew Forti cautions us about missing the forest for the trees when it comes to evaluation and nonprofit metrics.

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