Two Big (and overdue) Announcements

Aug 12, 2010 by

I’ve been cheating on my blog with Twitter lately and made these announcements over there before actually writing a post about them here. Shame on me!

But now I’m rectifying that by sharing a couple of announcements with you.

1) A couple of months ago, I wrote a post about applying to the Leadership Council of YNPNdc. After an interview process that involved over 70 people (out of 100 or so who applied apparently), I was offered a spot on the Leadership Council! As you can probably imagine, I was pretty damn excited :). I was assigned to work with the Communications Team which will help YNPNdc increase it’s presence in social and traditional media channels, maintain and improve our website and continue to provide growth, learning and development opportunities for young nonprofit professionals in the DC area. I’m really looking forward to not only continuing to hone and develop my own leadership skills, but helping others to hone theirs as well. Have questions or want to get involved? Email me at my new YNPNdc address.

2) Each new job I get brings a new set of information, interest and resulting passion about a new issue. At my current job, that issue happens to be transportation, with an emphasis on public transportation (or transit). Combine that with living in Arlington, VA – one of the best places in the country IMHO and a place with a very robust citizen engagement process through advisory councils and commissions. Put these things together and voila: I was appointed to the Arlington County Transportation Commission. My three-year term has already started and my first commission meeting is in September. In this role I’ll be able to have input into the execution and future development of Arlington’s transportation master plan (which is a document of over 150 – I need to start reading it ASAP if I’m going to get through it by September :).

For a bit more info on both of these positions, please do visit my VisualCV and/or LinkedIn.

And keep your eyes peeled: within the next several weeks, I’m planning to move my blog over to a self-hosted format with a new look and all the fun plug-ins I want and need.

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  • Kristen E Jeffers

    Congrats! I would so love to be able to be a part of Arlington’s plans. Plus, the YNPNdc board is so overwhelming, but then again, I have to remember I’m just kickstarting our chapter down here. I’m definitely planning to move my blog too, I’ve been silently following the blog challenge and it’s been beneficial.

  • Congrats! So happy for you. I hope you enjoy your new leadership endeavors.

  • Congrats! I hope both roles are fulfilling!

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