Linking Things Up

Aug 26, 2010 by

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m working with a friend to build a new website and move my blog and associated content over there. That is taking up some time, but I am trying to continue to keep an eye on the 31 Days to Building a Brand New Blog challenge.

Courtesy of Flickr User Profound Whatever

Day 24′s challenge is to write a link post. Since I follow all kinds of amazing bloggers and find cool posts everyday through my glorious Twitterati friends, it was easy to find some to share. Check out the links below and enjoy!

  • A healthier life? Try public transportation – Transit Score helps get you there” – Full disclosure: Smart Growth America is my full-time job and this is their blog (which I do not write). BUT: that doesn’t mean that this post isn’t great. It shares some extremely interesting information on a study recently completed connecting access to public transportation with longer, healthier lives for Americans. It makes sense right? If you walk a bit each day to get to that bus stop or train station, you get more exercise than the average person that walks three steps to her or her car. And in a country experiencing an obesity epidemic the way we are, exploring every option for mitigating it makes sense.
  • Navigation Lessons from the Next Generation” – This short, excellent post from Linda Crompton, the President and CEO of Boardsource, couldn’t be more on the money in regards to younger leaders serving on boards of directors. Just one excerpt: “The next generation of leaders can make the crucial difference in how effectively your board navigates a path forward while the ground continually shifts beneath it, because this generation has never known any other way to go.” Hell yes!
  • Setting the Record Straight about Nonprofit-Focused Graduate Degrees” – If you’ve been working in the nonprofit sector for five minutes and you don’t already have a Master’s degree, you’ve no doubt thought about it. (Whether I like it or not, Master’s are starting to become ubiquitous in nonprofits.) Who better to break it all down than my good friend Heather Carpenter who is studying these Master’s programs for her dissertation. This excellent post explains the types of Master’s degrees you can get and then goes on to provide a table of 50+ of the top programs from around the world. Awesome!