Remembering her – a tribute to my Gramma

Jul 7, 2010 by

My Gramma and Grandpa years ago.

I’m taking a break from my regular blogging topics to spend a few minutes paying tribute to my Gramma. She passed away last week, a day short of her 77th birthday. I miss her already.

My Gramma wasn’t a cookie-baking gramma. She was a tougher, take-no-crap kind of gramma. Of course, she took care of all of us but she certainly took no crap while she was doing it.

After raising my mom and three siblings, she went to work in the Post Office. My grandpa worked there too; he delivered the mail, she sorted it and worked with customers. After years of service, they retired to Arizona.

I visited them once after I graduated from high school. We took walks early in the morning, drove around touring central AZ, and hung out. She told me about growing up in upstate New York, the trouble she got in and the boyfriends she had. She said that most of them would do whatever she told them to, but that she didn’t want that kind of man; she wanted a guy like my grandfather who would stand up to her. Guess we’re alike in that.

There is so much more about her that I don’t know or can’t remember. Suffice it to say that she was a wonderful, fun-loving, tough old lady. I hope I can be more like her someday.

I love you Gramma and I miss you.


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  • Valarie

    Yes, your Gramma was a great lady. I loved spending time at her house. She was also my aunt. I too feel the loss.

  • Sounds just like my Grams; she turns 88 next month!

  • So sorry to hear about your loss. Grammas are very special people and I know I don’t cherish mine nearly enough. You sound a lot like her 🙂

    • Thanks Rosetta, I appreciate the thought.