Why I’m applying for the YNPNdc Leadership Council (and why you should too)

Jun 3, 2010 by

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about why I was attending the YNPNdc conference and followed up with a couple of posts about the conference itself. Then last week I had the pleasure of co-presenting a session on nonprofit careers and culture with Malcolm Furgol, a YNPNdc board member who spoke very highly about the organization and his experience within it. After all that saturation, you’d think I’d be sick of YNPNdc stuff – but you’d be wrong!

I’ve been looking for a way to gain some more leadership skills and get more involved in my community and YNPNdc presents the perfect opportunity. As a fantastic organization that offers valuable service to the community, it provides an excellent vantage point to both exercise the skills I have and gain more in the company of other dedicated young professionals.

Plus, I can’t believe what a warm, friendly environment I’ve encountered just in the past couple of weeks from other members of YNPNdc! Members of the board spoke to me at the reception following the conference and encouraged me to consider applying. Malcolm sent me a personal email inviting me to a leadership mixer the group had last night for those interested in applying (sorry I couldn’t make it!). Everyone I’ve spoken to that has been involved in the organization sings its praises. I couldn’t possibly ask for more encouragement or higher recommendations.

So, I’m putting in an application to join the YNPNdc Leadership Council. I’m not sure if I’ll get ‘the job’, but no matter what happens I will certainly continue my involvement with this organization.

Are you involved in YNPNdc? Let me know what you think! Not involved yet? What are you waiting for?! This organization is the place to be for up and coming nonprofit professionals in the DC metro area – you should get involved and apply for a leadership position TODAY!

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