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Oct 13, 2009 by

Note: As of 11/11/09, the list of the members of the Bloggers Alliance below has been updated.

I’ve joined a new team: The Nonprofit Millenial Bloggers Alliance. No, we don’t have t-shirts – at least not yet – but we do have a shared interest in the nonprofit sector in general and the issues that affect millenials in specific.

Here’s the Alliance roster so far:

I’m excited about this chance to not only interact with other amazing bloggers, thinkers and professionals, but also to improve my own blogging efforts in the process. As you know, I sometimes have trouble getting around to posting. I’m hoping that the wealth of information these folks will provide will help me get back on the blogging track.

Of course, I’m only hanging onto that ‘millenial’ age by a thread (i.e., bearing down on 30 with a bullet), but I’m hoping that doesn’t get me kicked off the team ;).

10/19/09 – Update

The Nonprofit Millenial Bloggers Alliance was featured on PhilanTopic! Check us out under “Social Media.”

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