Thoughts on becoming an adult – and the possible death of fun

Sep 9, 2009 by

I’m getting ready to move again. My boyfriend and I are moving to a cheaper apartment in a different part of town, mostly so that we can save money to eventually buy a place.

So what does this mean? In the grand scheme of things, not much. But in my head right now, I’m struggling with the notion that we’ve reached the end of fun. For the last 6+ years, I’ve lived in one of the best neighborhoods in Arlington and the overall DC metro area (Courthouse for you locals). I’ve been within blocks of restaurants, bars, my friends, the Metro, grocery stores, a post office and all the nightlife you could ask for. In short, its been the perfect place for a young professional to cut her teeth, have a lot of fun and make one or two reckless, but ultimately happy decisions. And now, we’re leaving.

Well, sort of. In reality we’re only moving less than a mile away to an up and coming neighborhood in Arlington (Columbia Pike, again for the locals) and to a bigger and much cheaper apartment. We love our current place, but the rent is so expensive that we’ve barely been able to save anything, let alone the many thousands of dollars we’ll need in order to purchase property in the area. Our new neighborhood actually has a lot of offer and we’ll still be within shouting distance of most of the friends, restaurants and bars we love (plus we’re moving closer to other friends). Our commutes will still be pretty easy and we’ll be able to save like mad for the eventual townhouse/condo/single-family home of our dreams. Cool.

I’m perched, as I often am, between two things: we’re leaving an area we love and giving up many of the conveniences that make life more fun and easy. But we’re also making an adult decision to sacrifice a little in order to get what we want.

As a kid and even as a college student, I longed to be an adult with the ability to make adult decisions. But as a kid you never believe people when they tell you – if they tell you – that those decisions often involve tradeoffs and the balancing of two or more things that you really want. Being able to make those decisions helps me look forward to the future…and remember how nice it was to just live in the now.

I guess that makes me an adult.

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