Freaking out…just a bit

Sep 24, 2009 by

Flickr image from duncan

Flickr image from duncan

I’m really stressed out right now. My wallet was stolen last Saturday, we’re packing to move this coming Saturday and work is extremely busy right now. So what’s a girl to do? Well, earlier this week, my left eye was switching furiously and I was dashing around the office and the apartment like a chicken with her head cut off. Um…not really the best way of dealing with it probably.

Today, I’m still under a lot of pressure. I’ve had or will have 7 meetings today and there is lots of other stuff to get done before I leave work. Once I get home there is still lots of stuff to pack. But I’m trying to deal with it in a slightly healthier way.

Today and for the next few days I will simply focus on what is happening right now. I will take a lot of deep breaths. I will not let myself freak out about what is coming up or what I might be missing for the moment. I will remember my priorities both at work and at home.

And maybe I’ll run around like a crazy woman once or twice.

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