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May 11, 2009 by

It’s been a month at my new job. A month of learning, struggling, meeting new people, trying to figure things out and not always succeeding. I’m trying to navigate two separate learning curves: one of the new (to me) issue I’m working on and the other of the policies and practices of a new office. It’s been difficult, but so far, I’m really enjoying it. A job you are comfortable in is always nice, but the mental workout that comes along with a new or different job is the kind of workout that really tests you as a person and a professional. I do appreciate that workout – its definitely not boring!

So we come to the point of this post: I’ve been slacking on this blog. My goal has always been to write at least one post a week and two or more if I can manage it. And right now, I can’t. Every day my brain is exhausted from the effort of trying to learn new things and after a more-than-full day at the office, the thought of trying to rub two sentences together to make a coherent post just seems like too much.

I do apologize to anyone who is a regular reader; I try not to waste your time with irrelevant or badly written posts and I don’t want to crowd your feed reader with constant apologies. I promise, I’ll be back at it regularly soon. Until then, check out these fabulous blogs from some cool people.


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