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Mar 25, 2009 by

It’s been quite a busy week for a number of reasons, so I doubt a full post will be forthcoming in the next couple of days. However, I do plan to write this weekend and hopefully begin a series of posts on various issues swirling in my head.

Hopefully you’re thinking ‘How mysterious of her’ and not ‘she better write soon or I’m abandoning this blog.’ ūüôā

In the meantime, here are a few random but helpful links I discovered recently. Enjoy!

  • The 32 Most Commonly Misused Words and Phrases¬†from the¬†HELP! Educational Blog – I am a self-professed grammar geek (and an excellent copy editor BTW), but even some of these terms and words were news to¬†me. Bookmark this post immediately and refer back whenever you¬†write¬†anything!¬†
  • It’s 6 pm — do you know who your audience is?¬†– My¬†friend Julia Rocchi writes about a bunch of interesting topics on her blog¬†Italian Mother Syndrome. This particular post provides a bunch of tips about communications, identifying and segmenting audiences, messaging properly and much more. It’s an extremely helpful guide for you nonprofit communicators out there.
  • Are you on Twitter? from Nonprofit SOS – I’m pretty close to writing an ‘ode to Twitter’ post myself, but before you read that, check out this succinct post on Twitter and some of¬†the great resources out there that you can use to maximize your tweeting experience.
  • Using Your Blog as a Job Search Tool– From the post: “A prominent blogger recently proclaimed that any professional who considers himself to be a top performer in his field has a blog. So if you don’t have a blog, you must not be a top performer.” Despite the hyperbole, I couldn’t agree more. Blogging is a great tool for any number of reasons, but the job search seems to be the big thing these days. Go forth and blog!

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